From Muddy Waters

Earlier this year I went up to a lotus farm, I went a couple of years ago but a storm had gone through and destroyed a lot of the blooms. So many flowers… Continue reading

Wandering Japan- Hakuba

I have to say the highlight of the trip was Hakuba. We spent the most time here, had the most experiences here, I got my favourite shots here and I met the most… Continue reading

Wandering Japan- Kyoto

We went to Kyoto for a few days and went to Ninjo Castle, the aquarium and went to a night with traditional japanese entertainment which included a traditional Kyoto Geisha dance! It was… Continue reading

Wandering Japan- Tokyo and Hakone

Again I’ve been too lazy with my blog! I did go travelling for the first time overseas to Japan! I’ve never organised my own trip which in this case was in a different… Continue reading

Top of the Mountain

Well my weekly posts haven’t been so regular (sorry about that) and coming down with two sicknesses at once means that I have been a hermit for the past three days and only… Continue reading

Lunar Eclipse

On the 15th of April I got to witness a lunar eclipse, quickly I went out with my tripod into the night and did some experimenting! The moon was a beautiful deep red,… Continue reading


Just a few shots on a walk in the Dandenongs, love the cold earthy smell of the forest. Not the best example but hopefully I’ll find a few more sights soon and get… Continue reading

Artists Block

Since leaving the uni grind, not always having art deadlines looming over me I haven’t been constant in my own personal work (meaning no work). After a day at work I just come… Continue reading

Return from Holidays

Spent a few days at taggerty as usual this summer with my parents. I did a bit of experimenting with my camera, climbed a mountain with my dad and a family friend which… Continue reading

Old Photos From January

Looking over old holiday photos from earlier this year I thought I should really do them up. I think about who I was this time last year and who I am now and… Continue reading