The Body

This is just a review of my works in progress. I’ve noticed my photographic work has transformed to more abstracted images. I’m investigating the body, but not in a traditional way. I’m taking… Continue reading

Autumn Dancing

So I dressed in my most hippie and set off with my friend Steph and we did a few photos. Only annoying part was running back to my camera after each shot then… Continue reading

Into Autumn

I’m about to embark on a shoot with my friend. I took a quick photo of a fraction of my clothes. Hopefully it will turn out well and it won’t rain! Thinking about… Continue reading

Mysterious Trees

      So I’m doing more night photography, the top image is 3 images overlapped to light up most of the tree. Not 100% effective this time but it’s the start of… Continue reading

Emerging from the Darkness

Another light painting photograph in my street, the workmen who redid the wires in our street neglected to do the street lights which works out for these photos. You can see some light… Continue reading

Moon Exposures

Just experimenting with the moon and the clouds. Gives a paint-like effect with the clouds moving, probably should have had a shorter shutter speed because you can see the moon move a little… Continue reading

Railway Station

Playing around at Mansfield, these are photos from my first holiday still. I’m sorry I’ve been so lazy, I’ve been back at uni and it has been so busy! I’ll put more posts… Continue reading

Cathedral Mountain

So we ventured early from our tents one morning to conquer cathedral mountain! We passed a run over wombat (poor thing) and met some german hikers who looked way better prepared than us,… Continue reading

Stormy Night

Only one of the nights in Taggerty we got more wild windy weather, I took a few long exposure shots in the camping park of a section of fallen gum tree. I know… Continue reading

Taggerty Landscape

Well, I’m going to just put my first holiday photos into different categories depending on what the subject is. In this case the post will be of landscapes near where I camped. Lucy… Continue reading