Summer Holidays

Finally another year of university is completed! Hooray! To make up for my lack of photos/ posts here’s another batch of light painting photos. I’m sorry but I’ve started to watermark my photos now,… Continue reading

Iris By Torchlight

Did some light painting tonight in my front yard, these are some of the photos I took of the iris’.Love the last photo, the details in the petals have come up really well.… Continue reading

In a Jar

As a collaboration with my uni friend, we are looking at the resilience of nature in human dominant environments. We took some plants from the garden put them in a jar and took… Continue reading

Sherbrooke Forest

I’m so sorry about the delay in posts, juggling university, work and an intense cold has caused me to neglect my blog!  Now I’m back into the swing of everything I promise to… Continue reading

Going Banana’s for Vegetables!

Yes, I went a bit over the top with photographing the vegetables at the market, but they look so neat all lined up.                     … Continue reading

Off to Market

 The Collingwood Children’s market is a farmer’s market that takes place once a month, every man and his dog are there where you can buy organically grown vegies, fruits and you can get a… Continue reading


Just some photos I took on the way to uni the other day, I should do this more often so I can get more practice   Lucy xx

Embracing the Domestic

My friend was kind enough to let me use her house to do some light painting. Her house hasn’t been finished yet so it has an industrial quality to it which works well… Continue reading

From the Garden

Again these are from last year and are my first real attempts at light painting Lucy xx