I took these photos in my final years of high school and I’m thinking of re-shooting them or taking up the same theme again. The beautiful model in these photos is one of… Continue reading

Corners in Montsalvat

Montsalvat is an artist village/ gallery/ restaurant site. No building is the same, and has the feeling of a mixed European village. It’s an  eclectic site which I must visit. The last time I was… Continue reading

Campbell’s Croft

I always seem to come back to this park every year and photograph the trees or do a photo shoot. There’s something about how the light hits the park and each section being… Continue reading

Going No-Where

My Mum’s and my old bike left to the rain and weather, unfortunately I don’t think anyone will be riding it anymore. Lucy xx

Up in the Air

Another winter sunset Lucy xx

Grown With Love

A little nursery on Mitcham road in Mitcham, in summer they have a few more signs out the front. I plan to take photos inside, but it was about to rain and I had to… Continue reading

Vacant Land

Going through my local streets there’s an empty land block. While I was there, couldn’t help but notice another artist painting the setting.

The Garden

Using a technique called ‘light painting’ I was able to light what sections of the succulent plants I wanted.


Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst – Henri Cartier-Bresson  This blog is going to motivate me to take more photos each day. During one of my university lectures the tutor encouraged us… Continue reading