Road Trip

Taking a road trip from the city down to Anglesea with friends and took some photos on the way Lucy xx Advertisements

By Candle Light

Yes it is a tea light in an old gas lamp but safety first. Still looks alright, I played around with the settings for this one photo for a bit just for fun,… Continue reading

Reading In The Woods

Original images without any manipulations, may do some changes and re-post   Lucy xx

Bunch of Flowers

Having a little obsession with sepia filters  Lucy xx

Up Close

Using my scanner at home I can scan in objects using the flat bed. The depth of field is really low which makes the photos blurry but for around $800 you can get… Continue reading

In the Trees

Possibly I’m going to re explore this idea, these photos were taken at the end of high school again. Lucy xx

A World of Objects

A project for photography, we were told to create our own response to a number of themes. One was ‘ A World of Objects’, and what better way than to look through the… Continue reading

It’s Grave Work

Late last year I focused on the idea of youth, beauty and life. Using layers in photoshop I intensified the flowers in the girl’s hair and the tea cup she was holding. I… Continue reading


I took these photos in my final years of high school and I’m thinking of re-shooting them or taking up the same theme again. The beautiful model in these photos is one of… Continue reading

Corners in Montsalvat

Montsalvat is an artist village/ gallery/ restaurant site. No building is the same, and has the feeling of a mixed European village. It’s an  eclectic site which I must visit. The last time I was… Continue reading